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Small Town Murals Trail

Mount Joy, Elizabethtown & Ephrata
These charming small towns capture their history in 13 murals, mostly presented on notable buildings lining the inviting streets. You'll be greeted by unique shops, quaint restaurants and friendly locals.

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Making Popcorn Mural1. Making Popcorn
Wayne Fettro, 2001
113 Manheim Street, Mount Joy
This mural depicts the historic period of the company when it first was established in 1925.



Clearview Lanes Mural2. Clearview Lanes
Wayne Fettro, 1999
1990 W. Main Street, Mount Joy
This mural was created as a Father's Day present to Henry Blough, the present owner, from his children, and the picture of the gentleman is Blough with his grandson, Jared.


Harvest Time Mural3. Harvest Time in the 1920s
Wayne Fettro, 1999
Schwanger Avenue and Cloverleaf Road, Elizabethtown
This mural represents farm like in the past, featuring a 1920s Frick Eclipse steam engine used to steam tobacco beds in the area.

Elizabethtown College Mural4. Elizabethtown College Centennial

Wayne Fettro, 1999
S. Market Street and College Avenue, Elizabethtown
Created for the College's 100th anniversary, this mural depicts highlights of the College's history, such as buildings, faculty and students, as well as the College's first Rhodes scholar.




The Cyclist Mural5. The Cyclist
Wayne Fettro, mid-1990s
S. Market Street and E. Park Street, Elizabethtown
This mural depicts a cyclist winning a race. It was created to promote Bicycle & Fitness Outfitters, a specialty bike shop in town, also that the mural resides upon.




Four Centuries Mural6. Four Centuries of Elizabethtown
Wayne Fettro, 2000
29 S. Market Street, Elizabethtown
This mural depicts a few of the major milestones that have occurred throughout the history of Elizabethtown.


Tony's Restaurant Mural7. Tony's Restaurant

Wayne Fettro, 1999
9 S. Market Street, Elizabethtown
The restaurant was a popular place to eat and hang out during the 1940s and 50s. Many authentic items at Tony's Restaurant are represented within this mural.



Donegal to Donegal Mural8. Donegal to Donegal
Wayne Fettro 2002
E. High Street and Mechanics Alley, Elizabethtown
This mural represents the first Scots-Irish settlers arriving to the area in the early 1700s.

Horse Mural9. Horse

Wayne Fettro, date unknown
Elizabethtown Road, Elizabethtown
This mural represents a simple rural scene of a horse looking over a fence.


Flavors Food and Spirit MuralFlavors Food and Spirit Mural10-11. Flavors Food & Spirits

Wayne Fettro, 2001
45 N. Market Street, Elizabethtown
These two murals depict the history of this building in which they reside upon, which is the second oldest in Elizabethtown, dating back to the 1700s.




English Brothers Mural12. English Brothers
Wayne Fettro, 1999
62 Hershey Road, Elizabethtown
The English Brothers mural commemorates the founding of this business by brothers John and Frank English in 1946.

13. Waiting for the Reading & Columbia
Bassem Yousri and the residents of the Ephrata area, 2009
16 East Main Street (rear), Ephrata
Although passenger service ended at this Ephrata train Station November 5, 1950, this mural depicts the fares from the past as well as those that could have been - or who may again.

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