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Pennsylvania Dutch Country Visitors Center       501 Greenfield Road, Lancaster, PA 17601       717-299-8901

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National Christmas Center Family Attraction & Museum

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National Christmas Center Family Attraction & Museum
3427 Lincoln Highway East
Paradise, PA 17562
(717) 442-7950
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Relive precious memories - Window shop at "Woolworth's 5&10", filled with vintage merchandise and fixtures; discover "Christmas 1944 - The War Years", and more. Thousands of antiques and collectibles stir memories of hearth and home.

Be a child again - Imagine a Christmas tree so large its branches reach the four corners of the room! Nestled underneath is a huge mountain of fantasy villages and electric trains - "Toyland". Step into the pages of a fairytale as you walk through "TudorTowne", our animated storybook village. Encounter the animated elves, bears and reindeer busily crafting Christmas toys in "Santa's North Pole Workshop".

Entertaining and Educational Exhibits- Learn the origins of many Christmas customs and traditions in "Pennsylvania Christmas". Explore a global village and see life-sized gift givers in "Christmas around the World". Watch the evolution from Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, Turkey, 300 AD, to today's Santa Claus.

Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas - Follow in Joseph and Mary's footsteps as you walk through breath-taking, life-sized scenes from "The First Christmas". Feel the sand under your feet, hear the language and music of the time, explore an oasis marketplace and, in the end, in a humble grotto, behold the birth of Christ. Discover how the crèche has been depicted throughout time and around the world in "The Art of the Nativity".

Bring the family for an unforgettable experience for all ages!

Self-guided, indoor tours (20,000 square feet!); nostalgic life-sized vignettes look back to a simpler time. Convenient seating throughout. Group rates available.

Gift Shop on site.

Handicap-accessible. Free parking.


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National Christmas Center Family Attraction & Museum