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Pennsylvania Amish Country in the heart of Lancaster, PA

Part of Lancaster County's old-fashioned charm and homespun warmth stems from the Amish community. In many ways, Lancaster has become synonymous with Pennsylvania Amish Country. The families, farmers and craftsmen here follow a deeply religious, family-centered lifestyle that has maintained this tradition through a simple way of life that has not adopted the mainstream culture, yet has adapted in many necessary ways throughout the last 300 years. Forgoing "outside world" luxuries, the PA Amish who grace our small towns and farmlands present a fascinating and authentic horse-and-buggy contrast to the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.

Amish Countryside in Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Amish Country is a picturesque landscape that must be witnessed in person to be fully appreciated. Rolling hills with lush grasses and crops, farms with windmills dotting the horizon and horse and buggies sharing the road remind you that things are simpler here in Lancaster County.

But when you visit Pennsylvania Amish Country, please remember that the Amish are not actors or spectacles, but ordinary people who choose a different way of life. While you talk and mingle with them, please respect their privacy and refrain from trespassing on their land or taking photographs.

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